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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday's bets, Italian election results, Apple share price

It was quite upsetting to watch one of yesterday's bets, No Way Hozay, break his leg just as he was about to win. Forget the money though, it is upsetting to watch an animal in distress and you could clearly see what was happening on the TV. I feel sorry for those involved and, of course, for the poor horse. That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes but it's not always nice.

On a positive note, Franklin Roosevelt won at a reasonable price which added some profit to the favs strategy. I've one bet on that today, here's Timeform's comment:

3.20 Bang - Corrin Wood
Winning pointer who landed odds at Carlisle in December. Got back on track after lesser effort when third in handicap at that venue (25f) 3 weeks ago and races from same mark here. Shortlisted.

On the handicaps, I'm looking forward to backing Gizzit in the 4.00 at Wincanton. Not only does he get to run off the same mark which he won off last time without a penalty, the jockey is claiming 7lbs too. Should go well around 5/2.


I enjoyed yesterday's course with Alan Rich and it's good to get some insights into how other people trade but I have to be completely honest and say that I was a bit disappointed to see the second part of the day was a sales pitch for the market scanning software which he has developed. He showed us a lot of really good swing trades but the catch was that to identify these trades, the software is needed. But to give him credit, he's an interesting guy and I did pick up some ideas which I'm keen to try out.


 I haven't done a trade on the financials this week so I missed all the madness and mad swings over the Italian elections. It's still not certain what will happen. It's a bit mental really, one of the biggest parties is now the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement. I'm not really sure what they will bring to the table but it could be crazy for a while! Yer man seems a bit of a header:

Expect some more turbulence.


I've often talked about Apple shares on this blog, and while I suggested they may be a sell, I never had the guts to get involved. The price has now dropped down below 450 which is a big slide from 700:

 Speaking of Apple, I haven't been their biggest fan this week. My iPhone battery keeps overheating and then dying. I dropped in my phone to be fixed yesterday and it might take a week or two :-(   I haven't been without a mobile since 1997 so it felt very strange and I felt very disconnected! I eventually got a replacement (an ancient Nokia) but it's so weird not being able to go on the Internet when I want. I'm kinda disappointed with myself that I missed it so much but I'm well and truly reliant on it.


I went for a run last night - done around 6K which was a decent enough workout. Hope to get out a few more days this week.

Enjoy the day,


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