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Saturday, March 17, 2012

In-running trading strategy

Back to the bread and butter stuff today after the highs and lows of Cheltenham. It’s a busy day for my in-running lays strategy with eleven selections (see below).

Those trades have been going fairly well and the profit is over 9.5pts after 91 trades. Again, the idea is simple enough: I try to identify horses that will trade low in-running due to their racing style but then find little and lose. I back them at their BSP, then lay them with double the back stake if they hit 50% of their BSP in-running.
So basically, when a horse trades at 50% below its SP and then loses the races, that’s a successful trade. When a horse doesn’t trade at 50% of its SP, that’s a losing trade. And when a horse goes on to win the race, I list that as ‘level’ as I don’t win or lose money in that case. 

Here’s the stats so far:

(All trades are recorded to a €10 stake, laying back at €20 and assume commission is 5%)

No. trades: 91
Successful trades: 45  (49.5%)
Unsuccessful trades: 33 (36.3%)
Level trades: 13 (14.3%)
Longest sequence of successful trades: 5
Longest sequence of unsuccessful trades: 5
Average BFSP: 31.70
Return on investment: 10.71%
Average drop in price: 58.86%
Profit to a €10 stake (laying back with €20): €97.50

Today’s inplay trades:

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