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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Automated Betfair trading?

A big thanks to the lads at Gruss software who have worked with me on my inplay lays to come up with a spreadsheet that links into Betting Assistant. It triggers it to automatically back my chosen horses at SP and lay at double the stake if they hit 50% of their price in running.

I'm going to try out the spreadsheet tomorrow as I'm at the computer all day so I can monitor it. If it works, this could be a big timesaver and it means I can just set the computer in the morning and go off and not worry about it. I'll see how it goes and report back over the weekend.

Getting the selections.... Now wouldn't it be wonderful if I could automate that!  Most of them are now coming from my own race watching which takes up considerable time in the evening. Although, there are worse things I can think of than sitting in watching racing replays.

Anyhow, here's today's inplay lays:

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