Really enjoyed some proper racing again with Cheltenham and it was good to have some top quality cards on offer compared to what we've been getting because of the weather.

It was my first day trading properly in a while but it went extremely well with a profit of €121.16 In fact, I only had one losing trade today and that was just something I was experimenting with in the place market so I'm extremely pleased.

Still no word on how the new tax announced in the budget will affect Betfair but we'll probably know more when the finance bill comes out. Fingers crossed it doesn't insert a spread for traders.

Off out tonight so I won't be trading the evening stuff at Wolves.

The Challenge: to increase my trading bank by 5% each month.

The story so far...

Starting bank: €1,000 (beginning of May 2010)
Bank target for end of December:
Today’s opening bank: €1,960.24
Today’s closing bank: €2,081.40
Today's profit/loss: +€121.16
Today's turnover: €29,154.77