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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Took a fair hit yesterday all on one race and I must admit that it hurts pretty bad.

I came home from work and had 15 minutes to kill before I had to head back out. The laptop was on so I thought I'd just trade a quick race from Kempton. Bad idea. In fact, it was an awful idea that cost me €239.

I opened a position but forgot to put on the stop loss. I left the room for a moment and came back to see my position had moved miles away from me. I should have just took a red book but I tried to continue trading the race and it went from bad to worse.

Trying to grab a few minutes here and there just doesn't work really and I'll have to cut it out. My concentration was down and I'm pretty disappointed with myself.

It's a real kick in the teeth and it means I'm certain to miss this month's target now. I suppose I should try learn from it so here's another couple of new rules:

1. Always check the stop loss is in place before I start
2. Never leave an open (short term) trade unattended
3. Don't try to 'grab a few minutes' at the computer. If I don't have the time to do a decent session, forget it altogether.

A major setback, but we live and learn.

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