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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Imperial Commander

A decent weekend on the betting front, thanks mainly to Imperial Commander. I put him up as a max bet in the Irish Independent so that was good.

I couldn't believe he was 10/11 - I had him priced up at 8/11 so his SP was a steal. After all, he had 22lbs in hand so I can't see why the layers took him on.

When having a Max bet, it's important to try get a good price and I thought I'd found it when backing in the bookies at 10/11. However I see that the Betfair SP was 2.02 so I probably should have backed on the machine. Still, a win is a win even if it was odds on.

Spent most of the morning preparing a big Sunday roast (leg of lamb) which was absolutely delicious if I may say so myself. I only got to trade the last few races of the day after dinner and it went fine with a very small profit. Still a fair bit behind target though so I'll have to try my best to get some trading sessions before the month ends.

Blogger is having problems with uploading pics today but the profit made was €15.31 and I've posted a pic on the Let's Bet forum. 

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