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Monday, November 15, 2010

Real work

Spent most of the weekend in the back garden working on a BBQ area which I hope to use next summer. I should have been trading if I want to start meeting my targets but the weather was fine and with the winter now here, I thought I'd try get it finished while I can.

It was pretty heavy work lifting blocks and putting down cement but it was quite enjoyable and I stuck on the radio and worked away.

Pics can be seen here:

All I have to do now is paint it tomorrow and add some flowers to brighten it up. Roll on the summer!

It's been quite some time since I done some 'real' work (that is, not sitting in front of a computer) and my body aches but it was nice to be outdoors.

On the trading competition front, I got stung with the price of Gold. The Chinese are talking about upping interest rates and this has partly reversed the buying of commodities although there are other reasons too.

Bloody Chinese eh? Definitely not ordering a chow mein tonight!

Anyway, it knocks me back down a bit in the comp. I'm still holding quite a bit of Gold and I really need to to staring rising again if I want to get into contention for a prize (see below pic).

Not sure when I'll get to trade on Betfair to be honest - my wife's away in England at a training course so I'm minding our daughter on my own. Maybe I'll get some done this weekend but I'm getting anxious about going back to it as I really want to meet some targets.

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