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Monday, July 26, 2010

26th July 2010 - A little bit rusty.

Had a look at some evening markets this evening but couldn't get a feel for it so decided to pack it in. I have a spare Betfair with a small few quid in it that I like to use following a break of a couple of weeks (rather than using my main account).

I like to use this spare account (very small sums) after I've been on holidays for a while as I can sometimes get rusty and don't want to tamper with my main account where the proper money is. I was only trading in pennies really so I'm not recording it in the totals.

I find that it takes a couple of days to get back into trading and I can't really do it when I'm rushed or have something on my mind. I had ordered a takeaway and was waiting on that, I was tired and hungry so that's probably why I couldn't get into it.

I'm unsure whether I'll trade the evening stuff this week (I've to work during the day this week). I'm going away to Edinburgh for the weekend so I may just leave my trading until after that and start again fresh.

Just a reminder of where I'm at....

The goal is to increase my starting bank of €1,000 by 5% each month. I started in May so the targets for the year are:

Start of: May €1,000.00
Start of: June €1,050.00
Start of: July €1,102.50
Start of: August €1,157.63
Start of: September €1,215.51
Start of: October €1,276.28
Start of: November €1,340.10
Start of: December €1,407.10

At them moment, the bank is €1245.90 which is well ahead of target so I can afford to take it easy a little. However, I'm certainly not putting this on the long finger - I've just been mad busy lately.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Update - 19th July 2010

Update – I’m hoping to get back trading in the evenings late this week and maybe get some days done over the weekend. My wife’s parents were over from Canada so I was off for two weeks. Had a great time and I feel refreshed and am ready and rearing to go again. It’s amazing what a little break can do and I’ve regained some enthusiasm and energy regarding the horses so hopefully I can make a few quid over the weekend. I’ve also got some very good feedback about my youtube videos so I’m hoping to make more of those soon.