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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sports Trading on Betfair book: Free sample chapter

Hi all,

As most of you know, I published a book a few months ago called Sports Trading on Betfair. Thankfully, it's selling well and the response has been good. For those thinking about buying it, I've put up a sneak preview on my site.

To download this free sample chapter, click here:


 Once again, thanks to those who have been in touch by email and best wishes for 2015.



  1. Cheers for the book Wayne, fellow Dub living here in Spain and dabbling in racing trading for the first time over the past few months and your book is a saviour, real fresh air after all the complete rubbish non-info out there.
    I owe you various pints bud!

    1. Sound Andre, glad you find it useful. There wasn't much material or books out there on the topic so I thought feck it, I'll write one myself.

  2. Very much glad you did!
    Re-reading at the moment whilst I take some time off, also going ot try get through Anna Coulling's Guide to VPA if I have the patience before jumping back in.
    Will keep you posted on the progress over the coming months!

  3. Just finished reading on my jollies in Tenerife, Wayne! Can't wait to get home and get stuck in! Dabbled in it before but never really felt I 'knew' enough as to what was going on in the markets, despite buying various guides and video packs (Caan Berry, Jack Birkhead) all excellent at what they do but nothing ever really clicked, so I focused more on football trading (which I have now got down to a nice % growth per month on average)
    Well feck me! It did when I read your book, you posses and excellent writing style and get the points over very well.
    May well start a blog, more of a diary for myself when I get back, will let you know how I get on.
    Love the human mindset traits you refer to throughout the book also. Very interesting. Disipline has never been an issue for me it's more 'losing runs' that effect me terribly and not through too high of stakes either!

    I'm getting a lot better though and this is a long road to master.

    Thanks for an amazing book, just what I've always been looking for really. Will write a nice review when I get back!

    Cheers Wayne

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks a million for your kind words - glad you liked it and I hope you get some ideas to make a few quid.

      Setting up a blog is always a good idea, it keeps you on your toes if you think people may be reading and gives good clarity of thought at the end of each day.