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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Standing still (and Conor McGregor)

Hi folks, a very quick update on my 'living dangerously' strategy which I've spoke of recently.

It's hit a lull at the moment and seems to be one step forward and one step back. I don't think it's anything to worry about too much and standing still is better than going backwards. But it's a little frustrating as it hasn't yet kicked off on the €3 stakes.

The bank's all time high was €1,352. It now stands at €1,128 having hit a few losers in a row which will happen from time to time.

As I say, I'm not going to panic but I would like to see it kick back into life again. Here's the stats:

Number of bets: 2473
Losing bets: 58
Strike Rate: 97.65%
Average stake: €2.13
Current stake: €3.00
Average price of bet: 43.23
Average price of losing bets: 31.01
Total profit: €1,128.64
In other news,  it was fantastic to see Conor McGregor win last night against Chad Mendes. At one stage, it looked like he was in trouble but he pulled it out of the bag and landed the killer blow. I know a lot of this is pure entertainment as some people can't warm to it but I'm starting to enjoy it more. Betting wise, McGregor was 4/7 but I'm not sure I'd be confident having a bet on that sport just yet. We get such a lob sided view of things here in Ireland and you barely hear much about McGregor's opponents. But it might be worth betting on in the future as it gets bigger and more exposure. Anyway, well done McGregor, you done the country proud.


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