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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovely Jubbly

Started off my sports trading with the bigger bank and had a great day. As Del Boy might say, Lovely Jubbly!

Traded 20 races today and made a profit in each and every one. I must admit that I was a little bold and let two races go in-running, something I'm trying to eliminate.

I haven't really decided what my targets are for the new bank. I'm not really sure how much of my money I can turn over so I'll wait for a couple of weeks to see how it is going before I set some targets for myself.

Once again, the short priced odds on horses proved the most troublesome. Because they are odds on, it's kinda harder to notice how significant the price moves actually are sometimes. Plus, you are using quite a big chunk of the bank on theses horses. I'm going to be more cautious with the short ones in future.

Today's turnover was €92,834.76 and on that I managed to turn a profit of €277.47


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  1. Good for you..look forward to seeing how it goes..did you manage to setup your new desk from home ? any pictures ?

  2. Not yet! Using two screens etc, but I haven't set up the office. Waiting to get out to IKEA or somewhere. Better do it soon as herself wants to use the room to store bloody clothes!