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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sold and hold

Decided to sell a bit of my gold today at $1390 but I'm still holding a small bit in the hope that it breaks through the $1400 mark. I bought most of it around $1335-$1340 so I've made a nice few bob - just wish I had more on!

In my marketspreads account, I started off with €250 and that figure is now up to €500 with €120 also in profit in open bets. This pleases me greatly as I know from racing that it is very difficult to double your bank. All told, I've about 1K now in non-sports trading accounts and it's something I want to work on more.

It's funny, because non-sports trading was something I didn't think about doing much until lately but I really enjoy it and I love the challenge.

Perhaps I've been a bit lucky but I've concentrated on Gold and Oil and this specialisation seems to have paid off. It's interesting to keep on top of the news stories too and it's amazing the things that affect the prices of Gold and Oil.

Weekly gold chart:

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