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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No, not the drug – I’m talking about broadband.

As mentioned before, I’ve decided to get more serious about my trading and later this month, I will be putting a few grand into the account. When I’m trading with such serious sums, I don’t want to be left behind on my old internet connection. At the moment, I’m with Eircom and am supposed to be getting ‘up to 8mb’ but in reality, it’s only clocking in at 2mb.

This isn’t really good enough to be honest and makes a mockery of their ‘next generation broadband’ advertisements.

UPC, whom I have my TV with, offer the 30mb line and a phone deal for a little cheaper so I’ve said what the hell, and signed up. Now I know you’ll never actually get 30mb but they use fibre optic cable so it should definitely be a lot faster than what I’ve got now. If that millisecond gets my bet into Betfair’s server ahead of someone else, it could be worth the effort of changing over.

I’m waiting on a few bob that I should be getting next week and then it’s all systems go! I’m a little nervous about upping the bank like that but I kinda feel that I need a serious challenge with this trading business and don’t want to keep messing around with small sums forever. I want to make some decent money, otherwise there’s no point in spending so much time at it.

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  1. Hi Wayne well done for getting to the stage where your ready to use such a big bank. All the best with the bigger stakes.