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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gold and Oil

Still holding a small bit of gold worth a couple of hundred Euro. It's back up to $1,374 at the moment and I'll sell half of it if it hits just under $1,400.

I'm not holding any oil at the moment but Brent Crude is back up over $100 per barrell. It had eased off after the whole Egypt thing settled down but rose again as it seems that other middle-eastern countries may be inspired to uprise including, of all places, Iran.

It's not quite the scale of the collapse of communism in the late 80s and early 90s but if this gets going, it could be a big deal. I'm really unsure whether to buy Oil now - it's seems quite pricey and if everything settles, I've no doubt it will drop. However, if more countries start to protest against their reigime, it will almost certainly go up as many of these places are big producers. If this is the start of something big, now would be the time to get on.

Just can't make up my mind!

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