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Monday, November 1, 2010

October Review

A very good month overall with the bank increasing by more than €500 to a bit over 2K. As usual, the main problem was finding the time to trade and I’ve a feeling that November will be no different.
I’ve a very busy week at work and have to work some weekends so realistically, it could be the following weekend before I get a chance to trade. I'm also trying to do some DIY in the house and garden too on my days off.

This can be hugely frustrating as you can be raring to go but just don’t have the time due to other commitments. I’ll try grab as much time as I can at it on my weekends off and maybe the odd Friday evening meeting.

I’ve also decided to review how I try to meet my targets. At the start of this challenge, I worked out how much my bank would be each month if I increased it by 5%. I started in May so this meant that I hoped that the bank would be €1340 by the end of October. Because I’ve already passed this figure, I don’t really have a target.

Therefore, I’m going to review the target at the end of each month and the new target will be 5% of the rolling bank.

The bank currently stands at €2443.70 so five percent of this is €122.19. So the target for the end of November is €2443.70 + €122.19 = €2565.89

I’m not quite sure I will meet this target as I won’t be trading as much as I’d like but I’ll give it a lash and see.

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