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Friday, November 19, 2010

2 screen trading

I was trying to hook up my TV to the laptop today to watch a movie and discovered how to use the 2 screen function where you have your regular laptop screen and also a 2nd TV or monitor.

This could prove very useful when trading as I often need multiple screens open but have to tab back and forth to each which is a pain.

You can move your mouse right over to the next screen and it looks pretty cool too! I've been pricing up some monitors and may go with one soon as I think it could help. I've attached a picture where I have two separate Betting Assistant markets open (one on the laptop and one on the TV). These are controlled by the one mouse and both are run from my laptop.

Monitors are a bit more expensive than I expected but there are a few strategies I can think of where it would help to have multiple screens open at once.

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