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Friday, October 8, 2010

New all-time high

The Challenge: to increase my trading bank by 5% per month.

The story so far...

Starting bank: €1,000 (beginning of May 2010)
Target for end September: €1,340.10
Today’s opening bank:
Today’s closing bank: €1,561.11
Today's profit/loss: +€64.82
Today's turnover: €27,814.60

A cracking day today which brings the bank to a new all-time high. I've decided to quit now as I want to watch the Ireland/Russia match and relax. Only one market went wrong which cost me a fiver but otherwise, it was pretty handy enough to make money.

It's strange sometimes - I don't know if it's the markets themselves or else it's the mindset - but some days just seem much easier than others.

By the end of the day, my concentration was starting to lapse so I decided to quit as the temptation to trade through boredom was arising. I'm starting to recognise these signals in myself and have started to act on them. If I'm feeling bored, for example, it's time for a break.

All in all, a very pleasing day. Let's hope a win for Ireland can top it off as I've layed the Russians for a ton:

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