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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just started...

reading The Disciplined Trader which arrived the other day and I have to say that I'm enjoying it immensely. When I realised that it written over 20 years ago, I felt dissappointed but most of the themes are still quite current and I'm getting a bit out of it. He deals with a lot of psychological aspects of trading which is something I enjoy. The guy who wrote the book is a trader himself and, rather refreshingly, admits that he once lost his house, car, missus and everything he owned due to trading - even filing for bankruptcy. It's nice to see someone be honest that has hit rock bottom and came out of it. So many trading books seem to be written in that positive, self help American style way and I sometimes doubt whether the authors are actually proper traders. Anyhow, so far so good with this book although I've only read a couple of chapters.

With regard to the trading, it might be a while before I get some decent sessions in. I've decided to spend this weekend working in the back garden (making a patio) before the winter gets in. I've promised the missus I'd do it for years and I really want to get it done before the cold weather. I've had a look at my work schedule too which is very busy so I don't really know when I'll get a full day at the computer again - it may be a week or two if I'm lucky.

This is one of the frustrating things about part time trading. You can read up about it in the evening and be raring to go with the money at the ready but you often just don't get time when you have a full time job and a family to look after. If I nab a few hours here or there I'll post it up.

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