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Monday, December 6, 2010

Back in the top ten

... but only just.

I mentioned before that I'm taking part in the Market Spreads trading competition. I lost a few grand at the end of November but the recovery in gold has seen me earn about €4000 this week meaning I've creeped back into the top ten in the competition but only just. My staring bank of five grand is now over nine grand but there's still a few up over the 20K mark.

I'm still in contention for a prize though and I'll trade very carefully over the final two weeks or so. I'm still holding a small bit of gold so it would benefit me if it goes up - but I'm going to look at other commodities and diversify a little by buying some and shorting others. By the way, I've realised that I forgot to do a November review so I'll try do that this week.

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