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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Didn't really do any trading today but had a bad day at the office punting and lost quite a lot of money - not a great end to the year but those are the breaks as they say.

Don't know when I'll get to trade again - as mentioned elsewhere my digital box went on the blink the other day so I've no racing at home. Rang them up and bloody NTL or UPC or whatever they call themselves said it will be at least a week before they send anyone out. That's pretty disgraceful really as a service - I'm not expecting someone out on New Years but a week or two?

I wonder will they knock a week or two off my bill? Ha!

Anyhow, I'm busy enough as it is with writing and work etc so if there's a positive, a little break at the New Year will give me time to think, read and reassess some strategies.

Off out tonight to a mate's house and looking forward to it a lot. I even got permission from herself to stay out all night if I wanted but I'm dying with a cold and feel a bit crap!  Who knows, there may be a session going somewhere at 3am!

Happy New Year to all readers and thanks for the comments through the year - here's hoping 2011 brings plenty of cash as the budget has taken a lot off me.

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