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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Darts trading

Man, I gotta get into trading on Darts - just watched King V Smith there and the fluctuations were unbelievable with plenty of money available. I know one or two people love trading the darts and I can see why. Not sure how volatile that market was compared with others but I'm going to try it out again soon.

I traded a few positions but wanted to be a net backer of Smith overall so I let some of the bets ride when it came near the end. Netted a lovely €423 for myself which caps off a nice day as I had some decent bets on Big Zeb and Hurricane Fly in the racing too. I obviously won't be adding this towards the trading challenge totals but it wasn't a bad days work!

I've layed Energizing at 1.7 in the next at Kempton to win €150 but it will be a good day now anyway regardless of that outcome.

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