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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good start to the year

Kicked off the first day of the new year in style yesterday with a 7/1 winner - it was my main tip of the day in the Irish Independent so I'm pretty pleased with that:

I had a bad end to 2010 but a good one to 2011 so fingers crossed for a profitable year! I also done a double on Even Stevens which won and Bolton to win or draw so I was gutted when Joe Cole (who was offside!) knocked one in the added minutes.I traded some of it out on Betfair in the 85th minute so it's not like I lost a lot of money but it would have capped off a great day.

Regarding the racing, I'm not sure when I'll be back trading yet - my NTL is still acting up. It came back yesterday and went back off again this morning. It's back on now but I'm still going to get the guy out on Thursday to look at it. One of my mates tells me that they'll probably give me one of the new boxes with pause and record and all that lark. My digital box is about 5 years old so I could do with an update anyway. I've tried trading without the TV on before but I just don't like not knowing when the races are going off - you have to close out right at the off time to avoid going in-running but the race could have a delay or whatever, missing you an opportunity. Anyway, I'm happy to have a few days off and relax.

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