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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Setting up a new office

Not doing much punting or trading at the moment as I’m doing a good bit of work in the house. Part of this involves setting up a new office for me (smiley face). My daughter is currently in the box room (a room off our main bedroom) but is old enough now to have her own room upstairs. This leaves me with a small spare room that is going to be turned into an office.

I’m hoping the extra space will, in a small way, improve my trading – my setup will be more professional with my screens and computers and sports TV and it should beat trading from the sitting room or bedroom where I'm constantly interrupted!

Not sure when I’ll get it finished but I’ve most of her room done upstairs so hopefully she can move over the weekend or next week maybe – then I can get my new office decorated. Can’t wait. Will report back when I'm back up and running with my new setup.

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