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Monday, March 5, 2012

Something new

Trying something new lately using the Timeform inplay cards to find horses that are likely to trade lower in-running. I try to find horses that tend to do very well mid-way but often run out of steam late on.
Once I find these horses, they are qualifiers for inplay trades.  At the moment, the idea is to set Betting Assistant to back the selected horse at the off at Betfair SP and then trade it off in-running at a lower price.  Provisionally, I’ve set a target of 50% of the SP to trade out at but this may change as I gather data. So for example, if a horse was 11.0 (10/1) Betfair SP, I’d set the software to lay it off at 50% of that in-running which is 6.0 (5/1). Some people tried this before on Let’s Bet with some level of success initially.
As I say, I may reduce/increase this 50% when I get more data but for the moment it’s going reasonably OK.  I’ve 39 bets under the belt with 21 trading at 50% or less.
I only get to do it at the weekend, usually Friday or Saturday and I don’t have enough data to draw any meaningful conclusions but it would be a nice earner to add to the portfolio if it continues to work out and it’s also automated so I can do the work in the morning and leave it be. Watch this space

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