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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No longer a biker (sadface)

Quite sad this morning - I've finally sold the motorbike, sniff.

She was a beaut in her day, and the pictures shows her on the day I bought her. To be fair, I clocked up a lot of miles on it and it was a good servant to me but it got some knocks and has been sitting in the garden for over a year. Plus, I'm now driving the car.

So I have to re-adjust, and realise that I'm no longer a super cool racing twenty something bike driver, rather, I'm just a boring old 31 year old car driver. 

Maybe when I make my million I can live my dream again and buy a Yamaha R1 :-}

Another good day on the inplay lays yesterday with three successful bets and one level, taking the bank to another all time high. I haven't been going mad on these money wise but I may kick it up a gear soon if it continues to go well and see how the lightly traded markets handle the larger stakes.

Three for today, listed below.

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