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Sunday, March 25, 2012

First day of the flat, trading in-running

The Irish flat season kicks off at the Curragh today and we've a lovely sunny day to go with it :-)

I prefer punting on the flat as I find the formbook stands up better but it does take a few weeks before the form settles down. As usual, I'll take a watching brief on some of O'Brien's horses which often take a while to get going - he has a few out after racing which should be interesting and it's on ATR. As most people know, Tommy Stack has been doing good early in the season the past few years so his are worth a look.

Gutting to get down to the Curragh again, might plan a few classic trips this year.

The inplay trades briefly broke the €200 profit barrier yesterday but finished the day around a point in front. Again, I'm extremely pleased with this although I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. It started off shaky - I don't know if this was down to pure bad luck or if I'm simply getting better at picking the horses due to experience but we are on an upward curve at the moment so I'll enjoy that while it lasts:

I've not delved too deeply into the stats yet but at a quick glance, the All-Weather selections seem to be going quite well compared to the National Hunt. If that carried through to the flat turf season this summer, I'll be a happy bunny.  Here's today's inplay trades:


  1. Hi Wayne,

    You are certainly doing things correctly regarding your inplay trading. Over 100 trades with that straight upward line is not luck for sure. Keep going.


  2. Thanks for the comments,

    Yeah, it's going extremely well but I'm trying not to get the hopes too high as I'll have to see how the season changeover from NH to flat affects it. Early indications are that the All Weather does well so fingers crossed that it transfers to the turf but we'll wait and see. This might get a bit quieter now as I wait on the flat form to settle down.



  3. Hi Wayne, are you basing your picks on the Timeform inplay cards ? If so, what's the cost as I'd like to see the cost Vs profits based on my meagre stakes.

  4. Hi Average Guy,

    Initially, I was using Timeform inplay to find the selections along with my own race watching but after time, I was finding that my own selections were performing better.

    So now, I do a lot of race watching and jot down the selections. I still double check against Timeform to see if there's something I've missed and I do find it useful.

    It costs about £80 per month although that also gives you access to their formbook and their ratings etc.

    I use their ratings and formbook as part of my work for the newspaper so the cost is justified - but it is expensive. There are other options where you can sign up for one day or one week which might be worth doing just to try it out. There's also a free race every day: