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Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful Ireland (and today's trades!)

Yesterdays inplay trades drew a blank day (well, a loss of 50c!) so we are pretty much where we left off.

Here's today's trades.

Had Swanfold at Limerick yesterday which was a little boost for the form study thing but that continues to bounce up and down and go nowhere at the moment.

Have to say I enjoyed the weekend and took time to relax. I visited my old man's grave, then took off in the car with the missus and daughter for a drive around the Borough. Ended up in Sorrento Park in Dalkey for a picnic - the views over Killiney Bay and Dalkey Island are just spectacular and I feel lucky to have it all on my doorstep.

I think its very important to take time off away from racing like this. Cheltenham week was hectic and I didn't see the family much. A nice stroll around with the iPhone turned off can work wonders to recharge the batteries. The gorse bushes were in bloom and smell lovely and the bees are starting to come out too. Beautiful. A quick stop off in the druids char for one (I had a non alcoholic drink as I had the damn car!) and home to watch dragon's den. A good day! As I say, it' s important to do this now and then as I'll be back working/trading shares/trading sports/punting from tomorrow and it will be all go again.

Won't get to see today's racing as I'm bringing my mam and wife out for dinner.

A lovely picture of Dalkey Island from Sorrento by Owen Fitzpatrick:

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