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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dell to leave the stock market

I spoke about Dell before on these pages and it's interesting to see that amongst another group, the founder Michael Dell is to take over the company again and take it private.

Like IBM, it seems that they are going to try and move away from purely the computer manufacture business and more into software and support. In fairness, the pc market has more or less gone down the tubes (certainly for leisure) and more and more people are accessing the net on mobile devices. Dell just weren't really in that mobile business and suffered accordingly. What it means for the Irish workforce remains to be seen but I've one or two friends who work there so hopefully the jobs will be safe enough.

A few years ago, I would go straight to Dell as soon as I wanted a new computer but they just seem to have dropped off the radar. Having said that, he's still one of the richest people in the world - not bad going for someone who set up the company in his bedroom - fair play to him.  It will be interesting to see what direction they take over the next year or two.

Michael Dell:

Another winner on the favourites strategy yesterday albeit at a short price.

At the moment, it's showing 38 winners after 75 bets and a profit of €177.90 to a €10 stake:

As you can see from the chart, it hit a high of around €200 some time back before hitting a losing streak. It's going in the right direction overall and I don't think there reason to be hugely concerned although I do admit that I will be delighted if or when I get it up past €200 again. I know it's a psychological thing but it's always nice to break new highs. I've one bet on that today but once again, it's odds-on:

2.40 Ludlow - New Years Eve
One of last season's best bumper performers (second at Cheltenham Festival). Promising second to River Maigue on hurdling debut at Kempton on Boxing Day and sure to be going one better soon.


Having fallen back down to below 1500, the S&P 500 index shot right back up yesterday. I'm slightly bullish on the S&P in the short term so if a decent size gap opens between now and noon, I'll buy it and wait for the Americans to close it in the afternoon.

It's a long day for me today as I have to do a fair bit of work and then I have my psychology course this evening so I won't get out for a run. Think I'll head out in the morning though. I downloaded a new app 'Runkeeper' which is quite handy as it tracks your speed, distance and all that lark.

Enjoy the day,


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