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Monday, April 23, 2012

Two for today

A quiet enough day today on the inplay trades with just two selections. Back down to around two/three points off the all-time high. I'm hitting these with €25 from today so a nice good run would be handy. Hoping to get a few hundred for a new suit for my daughter's first Communion in May so it would be great if I can get this strategy to pay for it!

I had a good look through my data last night and it seems that 50pc is actually a good price to lay in-running and other percentages proved less reliable and less profitable. Might have a look at race type etc later too just to see if anything comes up. Going to spend a few hours on the book today too.

With regard to the financial trading, MarketSpreads haven't updated their position yet - their last tweet was on 12th April so we wait and see. I'm just keeping an eye on the markets but not actually trading them right now. A bit more information for customers wouldn't kill them.

Today's inplay trades:

Just saw Cathy Gannon's broken jaw picture on Twitter - ouch! 

Gannon is a fellow Dubliner and is quite tough - she used to have horses around the housing estates in Dublin before going to Oxx (I think) and then on to England. I've said it before and I'll say it again, those overpaid Premiership wimps should take a look at what some of the jockeys go through. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for rolling around on the ground following the slightest touch.!/cathygannon353/status/193646519591763968/photo/1

That said, one cant help being a bit excited about the Premier League following Man Utd's mishap yesterday. I still think they'll win it but at least it makes it more enjoyable to watch for the neutral and the big showdown match should be well worth watching.

Best of luck with your betting/trading today.

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