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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trading in a range

The inplay trades have been stuck in a rut lately, winning money then losing, then winning - but going nowhere really. As you can see from the graph below, it hit a high of €260 to a €10 stake at trade number 151, but I'm about €30 short of that at the moment and we are now at trade number 263.

If that chart were a stock price, I guess you would say it is 'trading in a range'. 

I'm not certain it's anything to worry about - a couple of those bets were recorded as losers even though I was partly matched on a few. For records, though, I just put them down as losers. But I'm finding it hard to kick on again which is frustrating. Maybe it's the season changeover?  Or maybe they grew a bit quick at the start - I don't know but sure I'll keep plugging away. I know that targets can be a bad idea so at the moment, the aim is simply to get past €260 and create another all time high.

Regarding the financial trading, I'm holding off on that for a bit. MarketSpreads reckon they'll be up and running again soon but I'll wait and see. I wonder if the other spread firm's books are OK?  It's a bit of a worry for account holders but sure we will wait and see.

Here's the inplay trade stats, and today's inplay trades are posted below, under the chart. All trades are recorded to a €10 stake, laying back with €20 and assumes commission is 5%:

Trades: 246
Successful Trades: 121 (49.2%)

Losing Trades: 92 (37.4%)
Levels (no win or loss): 33 (13.4%)
Longest sequence of winners: 5
Longest sequence of losers: 5
Average Betfair SP: 24.59
Average in-running price drop: 57.44%
Bank all-time high: €260
Bank all-time low: -€55.00
Current bank: €229.50

Return on investment: 9.33%

Tuesday's trades:

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