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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Past €300, writing my book

Got past €300 to a €10 stake on the inplay trades after yesterday. This is a great landmark although I'm hoping there won't be choppy waters ahead with the season changeover from the jumps to the flat etc.

At the moment, I'm backing these at Betfair SP then laying off at 50pc of the price in-running but after almost 300 bets, my data shows that I'd probably be better off laying them at a drop of 60pc in-running and take a bit of extra profit from the short price and also some profit from the ones that actually go on to win. I'm going to have a good look at my data this evening and see what comes up. That's the good thing about recording stuff about your betting - most people don't do that and keep on doing what they are doing. Then they wonder why they keep getting the same results. With data though, you have to be careful not to 'backfit' it and it's easy to make patterns out of nothing and be misled.

With regard to the book I'm writing about trading, I'm hoping to kick on a bit this weekend and get another couple of chapters completed. I've about a third of it done so far. As mentioned, a couple of publishers have expressed an interest and there are not many book out there about trading on the exchanges. In fact, I can only think of one, Lay back and think of winning, and that's quite old now. Hopefully there will be a market for the book when it's released. While I've seen my name in print many times in newspapers, it would feel great to see it published on a book - that's the librarian in me coming out I suppose!

Sunday is a fairly busy day with as many as nine trades (posted below the chart).

Here's the stats so far:

No. of trades: 269
Successful trades: 135 (50.2pc)
Losing trades: 98 (36.4pc)
Level trades (no win or loss): 36 (13.4pc)
Longest sequence of winning trades: 5

Longest sequence of losing trades: 5
Average SP: 24.9
Bank all-time high: €304.50
Bank all-time low: -€55.00
Current bank: €302.50
Return on investment: 11.25pc

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