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Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting high

The inplay trades hit a new all time high yesterday which pleases me greatly, although I know that these things can be temporary and the prospect of a bad run is always around the corner.

I mentioned recently about not getting caught up in the individual results although I do believe you should celebrate little landmarks along the way - otherwise, what's the point?  The bank is up to €285 to a €10 stake so I guess the next landmark will be €300.

While I'm recording this to a €10 stake, I've actually been hitting them with €20 myself so it's been a reasonably good week so far with a ton earned or thereabouts.

Below is a chart tracking progress, and underneath that is today's inplay trades:


  1. More celebrations today onwards and upwards

  2. Ignore earlier comment overlooked 2 later selections so probably not a new high sure it will not be long
    Do not publish

  3. In actual fact, Six of clubs was matched at less than 50pc of the price. I'd twenty quid matched. However, the Betfair/Timeform page says its low was 4.5. As mentioned before, I think it only records the low if £100 was matched or more. So my €20 wouldn't have counted. For recording purposes, I'll put it down as a loser but it actually was a successful bet.