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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hard to see the macro view!

I'd three successful trades and one level today which brought the inplay trading bank to just two quid short of the all-time high (see previous post).

While I'm very happy with this, deep down, I know I shouldn't be so concerned with the individual daily results - but it's so hard not to be!

What I really need to be concerned about is the long term picture and trust I have a good strategy overall. But that's easy to do when things are going well. When you've been stuck in a rut as I have been, you tend to keep checking each bet and hoping it goes your way. You start to doubt yourself and it gets hard to be positive following a string of bad results. I sometimes wonder if that has an effect on my study and how I pick my trades.

It's human nature I guess and it's something I'm trying to get my head around. In 'Trading In The Zone', the author talks about how futile taking the micro view can be and also how it causes unnecessary stress. Taking the micro view is something I'm trying not to do but I must admit, I find it hard not to log on to check the individual results. Ideally, I could just log in at the end of the day and see how I done - it would be less stressful. But with iPhones and what not, it's just too tempting.

While I record this to a €10 stake, I'm actually trading these using €20 at the moment (laying back with €40) so it was a reasonably good day for the Betfair balance, with sixty quid earned bar commission.  Again, a daily result shouldn't mean too much long term but when the Euro symbol is there in front of your eyes, it's quite real and hard not to get involved emotionally.

Not sure what my point is here really - just some ramblings on how hard it can be for humans to see the bigger picture.

Today's P&L:

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