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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Busy day ahead

Having enjoyed a break away from racing with the wedding and Good Friday, it's a very busy day today.

Some people moan that racing should on and pubs/off licences should be open on Good Friday but I disagree. There's too much racing on as it is and I think it's good to have a day away from it. I mean, it's on 363 days of the year. What other sport is that relentless?  On a similar theme, I think it's good to have a non-drinking day too. Ireland's attitude to alcohol is shocking really when you see how panicked people get about one day of no alcohol. It's good to reflect on that.
I'm no holy joe but I like to celebrate Easter's real purpose away from all the eggs and chocolate and crap, so I do enjoy the weekend off. I'll go to mass in the morning and then I'm going to do a turkey and ham  and enjoy a nice bottle of wine I've bought (I've been off it for lent).
I suppose it's a bit of a taboo these days with all the revisionism, but I also like to remember the 1916 rebellion in Dublin and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave up their lives for Ireland. While 1916 has often been hijacked, I still think we are a bit pathetic as a country in not celebrating it properly in case we offend someone. We seem to want to prove how grown up we are by ignoring the past but other countries, including Britain are not afraid to celebrate their heroes - and more power to them.

I suppose it doesn't mean much now - sadly, we've more or less given ourselves to Europle/Germany/France and we are not exactly free are we?

I digress!

Today is probably the busiest day I've had on the inplay trades so I'm a little nervous as busy days can prove crucial in whether a profit will be shown for the month:


  1. Well done Wayne I take it as 3pts profit on the day is that right?
    Agree fully with your above comments re our past and present history.
    What are your overall figures now for the trades?

  2. Thanks Terry, yeah a couple of points profit. The stats are...

    Winning trades:101
    Losing trades:73
    Level trades:29

    Profit to €10 stake: €229.50