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Monday, April 9, 2012

Irish Grand National, Easter Monday inplay Betfair trades

Have been asked my views on the Irish Grand National by a few people but I'll hold my hands up and say that it's just too tricky to figure out for me. If a gun were put to my head, I'd suggest an each-way bet on Groody Hill - but very much with fun stakes and it's not a race for punting much. I don't really bother going anymore - the last time I went, the crowds were a bit mental and you could hardly get a pint or a bet on and I watched the big race on the screens. I'm not really one for crowds so that's not my idea of fun. Then again, that was a few years ago and things may have changed since.

It's my busiest day yet on the inplay trades with plenty of racing on. Again, these busy days can be a great boost for the bank or else a big knock can be taken depending on how well they go.

I'm a bit tired as I've done quite a bit of race watching to get the selections. I'm finding that I'm relying on my own race-reading these days rather than anything else.

While I'll still record this to a €10 stake, I'm half thinking of going a little bigger today and may hit them with €25 stakes. I'll have a look at the funds and work out the worst case scenario and see if it might be worth trying.

Here's today's inplay trades:

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