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Monday, April 2, 2012


Following a little bad spell, the inplay trades have bounced back a little and now stand at €224.50 to a €10 stake.

This isn't too bad at all so from next week maybe, I'm going to kick on with bigger stakes (thinking of using €25 per back and laying off with €50). I'll see how it goes. So far so good, but I don't want to get complacent.

Here's the stats so far, and the chart below shows my progress.

Trades: 183
Successful trades: 91
Losing trades: 64
Level trades (no win or loss): 28
Longest sequence of winners: 5
Longest sequence of losers: 5
Average Betfair SP: 24.99
Average price drop: 59.68%
Return on investment: 12.27%
Bank all-time high: €260
Bank all-time low: -€55.00
Current bank: €224.50

I'll post tomorrow's trades in the morning.


  1. Why not use a 10% of bank ? System is profitable to level stakes, so it seems reasonable.

  2. Yeah, it would probably make sense to use a percentage of the bank - I'm just being a bit cautious still but if it continues the strike rate, a percentage of the bank is the way to go. The other option is to increase stakes each time I double my bank, which is something similar.

  3. You could also use the Kelly method, especially as you keep the data on losing runs etc....