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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Testing times

Well, that was a horrendous weekend on the inplay trades. It hit 9 losing trades in a row and cost me an absolute packet :-( 

I once had five wins in-a-row and to get nine losers is absolutely rotten but it happened and I have to deal with it. Is it one of those unlucky streaks that are bound to happen or is this strategy starting to show cracks? I don't know to be honest so I'll keep at it to find out. Here's the chart after the weekend - as you can see, the bank has taken a swift nosedive down to 200 (to a €10 stake):

It's bloody typical that I hit this as soon as I start the challenge but sure what can ye do?

On a positive note, I won a nice couple of quid on Tammy's Hill yesterday which was one of the form study bets. That's been going OK of late so at least that's something. I've no bets on that today however.  Anyhow... it's with a bit of a heart that I put today's inplay trades after such a horrible weekend but I'll keep at it for now:

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