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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lift off

Well, I'm going to kick off the €500 to €5000 challenge today. Of course, it would be nice to get a good start and hit the ground running but this is a long term project so the individual results are not too important as long as the trend is upwards over time.

As mentioned before, the main site will be closing. I don't see any point in paying the upkeep and the host when I can simply put stuff on the blog for free. I've had some emails from people that follow the bets there wondering what will happen. I'll be posting them here. Don't get them confused with the inplay trades though. The inplay trades are not for backing in the traditional way. For more on the inplay trades and how they work, see my previous post about the €500 to €5000 challenge.

I've left my car in to be fixed the other day - there's a few things wrong with it including an exhaust leak. It's a good job I dropped it in, this can be quite dangerous apparently!  If the fumes get inside your car, they can make you drowsy or in extreme cases even kill. So while I was complaining when the car broke down, it was a blessing in disguise as the mechanic noticed the leak while looking at something else. Hope it won't cost too much but I've to drop up now to see.

OK then,

Firstly, here's today's traditional back bet:

Lord Tomnoddy is up against it with Shoegazer trading around 1.44. But that horse seems a bit short and still has to prove himself over fences. It would be great to get a win today for Lord Tomnoddy, I've hit a record 9 wins in-a-row on these form study bets so it would be fantastic to get ten.

Regarding the inplay trades, I've a few for today. I've some concerns that some of these are at the shorter end of the market (higher priced horses have done better so far) but I'll see how it goes. Best of luck with your trading/betting today:

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