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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some updates

Apologies to regular readers for a lack of write ups recently, I'm just up to my eyes with a load of things on at the moment. 

I'm currently giving some workshops in the libraries showing (mostly older) people how to download books and use e-Readers etc so that's taking up quite a bit of time. I'm also working hard on writing my book so that's taking up some time too. Plus, my daughter has her first Holy Communion this weekend so we've been busy enough organising some stuff for that too. Anyhow, here's a quick review of what's been happening:

Inplay trades/€500 challenge.
The inplay trades are still going through a rough time. It's still 15pts in profit overall but this is down from a high of about 30pts. I've 365 trades under the belt and I'll probably do some more analysis when I get to 400 bets. Unfortunately, I started the €500 challenge using these and couldn't have picked a worse time to do it! The bank went briefly into profit before taking a dive so I'm hoping it recovers soon.

Started a dutching trial on Let's Bet which is going well. It's still very early days and I'll keep it going for 100 bets or so to see how I get on. If it continues to go well, I may also use these as part of my challenge. As I say, it's very early days yet so I'm not getting too excited.

Form study (traditional back bets)
This is going OK although I haven't had much time at it. I'm currently about 15pts in profit at the moment although like the inplay trades, my joy is tempered by the fact that they used to be about 30pts ahead some time back. I'll keep at it though and see where it takes me as the flat season progresses.

Financial trading
Quite simply, I haven't had the time to trade the financial markets this week. I'm a bit disappointed but what can ye do. I need to get the finger out here as I'm missing some interesting stuff at the moment with Greece and the Euro. Interestingly, the bookies are going even money that the Greeks will be out of the Euro currency at the end of the year. (well actually, they go 4/5 but they also go 4/5 on the other side of the book too so the over-round is a bit obvious but if it were a 100pc book, it would be about evens). It's funny because what was unthinkable five years ago is now reality, and every day we face new changes. Absolutely anything could happen with the Euro currency and I'm actually surprised to see it hold up against the dollar. Interesting times indeed and I need to get trading again.

Haven't mentioned this in a while. I'm still going running but not as much as I'd like. I'm going for a 4K run around 2 to 3 times per week but when I get a bit more time, I want to increase this.

I think that's about it on the news front for now! Below are Wednesday's traditional bet and also the inplay trades. The dutching bets can be found here:

Best of luck with your trading and betting.



Wednesday's traditional back bet:

Wednesday's inplay trades:

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