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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Penny for the May bush

Anyone remember that tradition? As children, we used to decorate the May bush and go door to door collecting money. Haven't seen any kids do that in years sadly. Anyway, it's a new month and it's pissing rain. What's new!

Hurrying out the door so don't have much time for a write up. Thinking of starting a €500 to €5000 challenge later this week - will post more when I have time. Today's inplay trades:


  1. Very good today, was it 1 scratch and other 3 all giving a profit?
    Looking forward to 500 to 5k challenge.

  2. Hi Terry, yeah 3 wins, one level so a good day overall. That gets me back to €274 to a €10 stake - it would be nice to kick on past three ton again though.