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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Form study, trading inplay, dutching, books

Had a breakeven day overall yesterday despite having quite a few bets and trades:

It's funny when that happens as it seems like a waste of time! But ye just keep going as you never know what good or bad lies around the corner.

I've picked out three traditional back bets today:

'It was me' will go off at an odds-on price but the other two are odds against. Expecting a good run from each but I'm still finding the form a bit tricky at this time of the year, partly due to the awful weather in May.

A busy enough day on the inplay trades today. I'd love to kick on with these again as they've been really frustrating of late. They got such a good start so to see them struggle lately is a bit painful. But here goes anyway:

The DUTCHING BETS are going OK although they've dropped a few points in the past few days. Still, the stats are good overall and I'll keep the trial going for 100 bets to see where it takes me.

Here's the stats for those:

Dutch bets: 27
Wins: 14
Strike rate: 51.85 %
Profit to a €10 (overall) stake:
ROI: 24.52 %
Longest sequence of winners in-a-row: 3
Longest sequence of losers in a row: 7
Bank all-time high: €105.40
Bank all-time low: €0.00


Went for a run this morning and feel the better for it. It's seems paradoxical, but I actually have more energy for the day after I've been out running. I don't feel sluggish and I'm looking forward to getting back into that a bit more over the next few weeks.


With regard to books, I've just finished both of Alan Sugar's books. I'd highly recommend both although the second one repeats some of his stories in his biography. I'm about 3/4 through that Stop Orders by Tony Lawton. It got a good few five star reviews on Amazon so perhaps I was expecting more - but most of it wasn't new to me. Perhaps people that are new to trading don't realise how to do 'limit orders' and 'trailing stops' etc so it would be useful for some - but having done a financial trading diploma I have plenty of experience in this area. Still, like most books, I got one or two good nuggets of info and it gave me some ideas to try out.

I've just picked up Bill Cullen's Golden Apples book too. Fairly short but having had a flick through, it seems to offer solid advice on setting priorities and getting stuff done. Only read a couple of chapters but I reckon I'll enjoy it.

Anyway, that's it for now - will try post over the weekend although my daughter has her Communion so I may not be about on Saturday at least.

Best of luck with your trading/betting.

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