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Friday, May 4, 2012

Inplay Betfair trades, Marketpreads, 2000 Guineas

A bit of a funny day yesterday with the first three inplay trades winning their race. Would've made a nice treble!  These don't win or lose me money so it didn't make any difference. I then had a successful trade but two losing ones later in the evening so overall I'm down just a point for the day. It's a busy enough day on the inplay trades today (posted below).

Regarding the financial trading, I'm glad to see MarkeSpreads back up an running. Hopefully, they've sorted out their issues and perhaps it's actually a safer place for your money now following all the external reviews. Having been away from the financial markets for about a month, I feel a bit out of the zone at the moment. I'm going to start back at it next week maybe but I'll have to scale back in using small stakes until I get a feel for the markets again. It's amazing how out of touch you can become after such a short time.

The winning streak of nine on my regular back bets came to an end yesterday - it would have been nice to get ten in a row but I'm happy enough with how it's going lately. Just one traditional back bet today, pictured below. 

We've a great weekend of sport with the FA Cup, 2000 Guineas and 1000 Guineas. I'm currently working on an article for tomorrow's Irish Independent and haven't yet made up my mind who I'll back. Copy has to be in in a few hours though so I'll have to get off the fence soon!

Yesterday's P&L:

Today's traditional back bet:

Today's inplay trades:

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