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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

59/1 winner, €500 challenge, trading on Betfair, Facebook shares

It's gas, I managed to find myself a 60.0 winner today but still only managed to make a small profit!

It was part of my Dutching trial so I had some other selections which diluted my stake right down. Still, I'm quite proud to have picked that one (Bitaphon). After a great start and then a nosedive, I guess you could say the Dutching trial has been going OK but it's not setting the world on fire. I'll keep it going for the 100 bets and have a look at my stats after that. At the moment, here's where I'm at with the dutching:

Dutch bets: 45
Wins: 21
Strike rate: 46.67 %
Profit to a €10 (overall) stake: €41.50
ROI: 9.22 %
Longest sequence of winners in-a-row: 3
Longest sequence of losers in a row: 7
Bank all-time high: €105.40
Bank all-time low: €0.00

Regarding the €500 challenge, I've been only using the inplay trades for that. As soon as I started, I hit my worst period on them so that knocked me back for six and cut about 25pc off the bank. However, because I'm using Kelly staking, the stakes started to reduce which saved me a few quid. I've made a small recovery - but that's also the downside of Kelly - my stakes are now low. Having had an amazing start, I'm a bit iffy about the inplay lays. It's still well in profit to a €10 stake as you can see from the chart but you will also notice that the profit of €150 or so is half what it used to be:

So for the challenge, I'm considering including some regular trading on that to see if I can kick on and meet my targets. I hadn't been trading in a while but done some this evening. It's kinda hard to get a feel for the markets when you haven't been trading in a while so I guess I was lucky to break-even. I eased into it with some small stakes before kicking on. I hit some losses but came good in the end and was on a roll by the time racing was over! Here's my trading account results for tonight:

Regarding the financial trading, I'm kinda going mad with myself over Facebook. The missus asked me about the shares and I told her I think they should be short sold. I could be way off but I'm not sure what room for expansion they have. Also, we've seen a number of big companies open at high prices after the IPO only to fall back. But silly me had gone to cash a few weeks ago and emptied my account. So I didn't trade it. I'll have to get back into the financial trading soon though as I've missed some good opportunities. Whether or not Facebook will continue to fall remains to be seen but it's one to follow out of interest anyway.

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