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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Katie Taylor's homecoming, Bray

Took a half-day yesterday to go out to Bray to see Katie Taylor's homecoming: There were huge crowds there and my young daughter enjoyed it immensely. She really is a great role-model for the young ones - as a father, it's concerning to see the influences the kids have these days but Katie Taylor is just fantastic - an inspiration to us all and she proves what hard work and dedication can achieve. She's also quite religious too which is nice and refreshing in this day and age where anyone with any sort of belief gets ridiculed. This pic is from the Irish Independent, absolutely wonderful:

The fireworks in Bray later that evening were great and my missus came out for that too. Overall, a great day. Credit goes to Bray Town Council and all the organisers, it was a great event.


With regard to the financial trading, I got stopped out for a (very) small profit on my FOREX trade which means I've no open positions at the moment. Had a look through the markets this morning but couldn't find anything. No real direction yet this week and traders seem cautious. It's really just a case of waiting to see where we are going but in the meantime, I'll sit it out until something obvious comes up.

Yesterday's S&P gap trade worked perfectly so a few bob was earned there. 


Went through the formbooks too this morning and there's no obvious bets on the racing either so a quiet day all-round.

I'm hoping to get another chapter done on my book this week so I'll get to work on that now. I'm a bit behind target with the book as I've been quite busy over the past few weeks.

By the way, I started an excellent book recently Come into My Trading Room      
It's by Alexander Elder - I'll do a review when I'm finished but so far, it is excellent - highly recommended. Actually, I did listen to one of his books  before named Trading for a Living
and didn't seem to get a huge amount out of it but to be honest, I don't think trading books are good on MP3 and I think I'll get the hard copy and try it again.

Right, better get back to work - best of luck with your trading and betting.

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