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Friday, August 24, 2012

Beautiful blue, technical analysis trading

Woke up this morning to see all yesterday's trades in profit. This rarely happens and even though I had kept stakes to a minimum, it's a nice profit of €50.80 overall. Normally, profit is coloured green and losses are coloured red but in my spread trading account, profit is in blue for some reason:

Of course, I shouldn't count my chickens before they've hatched. Any sort of news in the markets could send them shooting the other way - but at the moment, the current profit means that the strategy I'm trying is working so far (although I've still a long way to go before I try it with serious money). The strategy, which tries to identify the end of a short-term trend, is based purely on technical analysis - this is both good and bad. The bad side is that the fundamentals are ignored and the entry and exit is only based on charts but on the plus side, it helps you ignore the noise and there's no grey areas about when to open and close your trades.

In the racing, a horrible run of eight losers in-a-row on the form study bets came to an end yesterday. I'm still a little bit in profit but the bank has been dented. One for today:

2.45 Ffos Las -  Gold Show
Made the frame 8 times in various company up to 1¼m. More exposed than most, but ran creditably when 1¼ lengths second over C&D last time, and sure to be thereabouts once more.

In the handicaps, Khan Tengri looks a few pounds better than its racing weight in the 5.55 at Kilbeggan.

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