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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday's bets

Actually only have one form study bet on the races today, going to go with Stage Acclaim in the 2.40 at Uttoxeter. Here's Timeform's comments:

Won twice in June, including C&D seller. Below best when 1¼ lengths second to Nether Stream in Huntingdon seller under this rider last time but is weighted to reverse that form on 3 lb better terms.

American Art is the obvious danger but I think the selection might just have enough at the weights.


I got stopped out of yesterday's S&P gap trade for a loss of around €37. Looking back, it was a bit of a naive trade. Gap trades on the upside are always a bit less likely to win - you are selling as you hope the gap will close downwards - but the S&P generally goes up over time - so you are against the long term trend.

Plus, it was September 11th - Perhaps it's not significant and I haven't checked the historical data for this - but on this of all days, the Americans are bound to be a little patriotic and get behind their stocks.

There was a downside gap that closed around 7.30am yesterday and I missed it - I guess that was the trade.

Anyhow, we closed the day up yesterday which left another gap on the upside so I've decided to try it again today, albeit with cautious stakes.


Elsewhere, the Apple story continues today.

We've got the launch of the iPhone 5 which is quite exciting as the last iPhone launch was pretty much an upgrade and a little disappointing. Shares are still floating around the all-time high figures and whether or not this product launch has been built into the price remains to be seen. The other phones have made inroads though, and it will be interesting to see which brand is the biggest at Christmas. It's also interesting to me as a consumer - I have what's now considered the ancient iPhone 3GS and am looking to upgrade soon. A while back, I would have got an iPhone no question but some mates now have the Galaxy and others and they are damn good phones. I'll wait until I see the price of the new iPhone and how good it is before I make the switch. 

PS: I won't be posting tomorrow as I've loads of stuff on - best of luck with your trading/betting.

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