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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MANU Share price, Thursday's bets

Interesting story on MANU  (Manchester United) shares in the Telegraph yesterday and it seems that there are still a good deal of short sellers:

I discussed MANU some time back and considered selling but didn't actually do it. They floated at around $14 and are now down to $12 per share - so perhaps $10 might be a good medium term target for the sellers. I'm not involved but it's one I'll watch with some interest.


On the horses, I've just the one form study bet today although it's likely to be odds on. Here's Timeform's comment:

3.25 Sandown - Montiridge
Ramonti half-brother to a winner in USA and out of a mare who was runner-up in German 1000 Guineas. Looked potentially smart when winning hot Newbury maiden in July and looks a big player here.


I got stopped out on my gold and silver trades yesterday for a loss of forty quid and twenty quid respectively. Ouch!  I hate losing on gold - especially when I short sell it. Gold is the first product I ever traded so I have a silly liking for it and always feel bad about shorting it, especially when I lose. But on a positive note, I got a beautiful downside gap trade on the S&P500 around 11.30am so I bought the hell out of that and made some money back when it closed. As I type, there's another downside gap open but it's only a couple of points so it's not really worth risking.

Manchester United's Robin Van Persie:

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