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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday's bets, trading Brent Crude Oil

Yesterday's form study selection won handy enough but went off no-where near some forecast prices of 5/4. A winner is a winner but at 1.3, I wasn't opening any bubbly.

I've one handicap pick today which is  EDIT - JUST REALISED IT'S A NON-RUNNER.


Elsewhere, I woke up this morning to this beautiful screen:

Brent Crude Oil had took a bit of a hammering overnight so the short sell I done the other day is now in profit of around €106. My AUD/USD trade is showing a profit of €12 or so too so happy days all round.

By the way, that other open trade on the FTSE is based on a moving average strategy I read in Big Money, Little Effort.

It's a long term moving average strategy so I'm not too worried that it's in the red for the moment.

There's also a nice little downside gap on the S&P 500, so I've bought that too. Quite a few bills in this week so hopefully I can earn a bit of crust off those trades.

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