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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two ponies

I traded for around two hours today and made fifty quid so I'm reasonably pleased with that. That equates to a pony an hour which isn't too bad.

Not going to bother with the evening racing - I'm off out for a few pints later to watch the Ireland match. I've backed Ireland to win at 6/5 - not extremely confident about that bet but we need the points and I reckon we can scrape it.

So what about the Derby?  I had Seville backed so was left disappointed but I'd also layed Carlton House so I didn't win or lose on the race overall. I flagged Pour Moi as a danger in my Irish Independent artice today so wasn't to surprised with the win. What was surprising though, was Mickael Barzalona standing up in the irons before he crossed the line!  Perhaps he mis-judged the line but he's lucky he didn't feck it up all the same. Still, he's a fantastic young jockey and looks extremely naturally talented. It was his first ride in the Derby and I wonder if he'll be the next big thing. I think there's a little bit of a showman about him, similar to Frankie Dettori but I reckon the sport needs these kind of people and it makes it more fun.

As regards the trading, it went pretty good and wasn't too difficult. On such a scorcher of a day, it would have been a sin to stay indoors so I took my whole set-up out to the front garden, laptop, cables and all!  Some passers by were probably wondering what the feck I was doing but I enjoyed sitting, working in the sun.

Once again, I was mainly using my momentum trading strategy and it went well - although I must think more about when to get out of a successful trade. I'm probably getting out too early to be honest and some big swings were missed as I had taken the money off the table too early. Generally, I sell half my stake a few ticks down and let the rest run but perhaps I should let more of it run instead. Anyway, it was a fairly decent couple of hours trading so I won't complain too much.

It's thirsty weather, so it's now time to have a jar!

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