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Monday, June 20, 2011

Nice move

Went down to stay with my brother in Wicklow for the weekend as it was his birthday so I didn't do any trading. I really enjoyed the break and we had great craic and a nice few drinks.

That wheat I sold the other day at 726.20 has dropped as I expected and now trades at 695.5. That's a fair bit of a swing and makes me wish I had more on but in fairness, it was my first time trading this commodity so I wanted to play it cautious as I learn the ropes. At the moment, the trade is in profit of roughly a pony so I'm going to set a trailing stop and make sure I come away with something.

I've a few thinks going on at home at the moment and could have a busy week so I'm not sure I'll get near Betfair at all this week - I'll try keep on top of the non-sports trading though.

Current open wheat trade:

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